Alegria Shoes that will Keep your Feet Happy all Day

Published: 18th April 2011
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Alegria shoes prove you can have a fun, trendy shoe that is truly comfortable.
Alegria literally means happiness. It is also a fun line of footwear produced by the Pomona, Calif.-based company called PG Lite. It was in the relaxed surroundings of Southern California that PG Lite developed Alegria, an ergonomically correct line of slip-on shoes.

The shoes are all casual designs, with its professional line suitable for medical practitioners. All models are built with comfort and ergonomics in mind. The result is a line of shoes that may leave you determined to never wear another brand of footwear again. Most styles feature colorful leather uppers with a thick padded footbed. Throw in a rocker bottom, and your feet will be singing the shoes' praises.

Here is what sets Alegria shoes apart from the rest of the pack:

Removable Insole
If you have foot problems, you probably own a pair of custom-fit orthotics to help correct your feet. Alegria shoes are made with a removable footbed that allows you to insert your custom orthotics instead of the insoles they come with.

Leather Insole
The heavily padded insole will comfort your feet with every step. And, because the insole is leather, it will breathe with your feet. No sweat! The insole comes with a built-in arch for an even more comfortable fit.

Anatomically Correct Footbed
The footbed of Alegria shoes is designed to follow the natural shape of your feet with its patented interlocking footbed system. The combination of latex, memory foam and cork combine to give you a perfect fit because it conforms to your foot. The footbed, which can be removed, comes in medium and wide widths.

Rocker Outsole
The rocker bottom of the outsole places you in a normal walking position. As you walk, you will tone up your leg muscles, perfect your posture, reduce the stress on your muscles, joints and back and feel energized.

Flat, Stable Bottom
The shoe's flat bottoms give you increased stability.

Deep Uppers
The all-leather uppers are deeper than most clogs. This means you have more room in the toe area to wiggle your toes, which makes for a more comfortable fit.

Colorful Uppers
On top of these wonderfully designed, comfortable shoes are some fun and funky leather uppers that come in bright colors, wild designs, shiny patents and metallic prints - just to describe a few. These are not the clogs you grew up with.

Start with the women's Seville, a clog for professionals. It comes in wine, brown or black leather and has a swivel strap that you can wear up or down. Or, if you want to step up the color, choose the same model made in rich, plum patent leather. This shoe has an open daisy pattern stitched on the shoe's upper. It has the same swivel strap, a silver buckle and white stitching that stands out nicely against the patent leather.

If you're walking the hospital floor or at work in the lab, you might like the women's Donna professional clog. This model comes in a blue or a red batik-like pattern on the upper and a lab-rated, slip-resistant outsole and stain-proof leather coating. The mild rocker outsole will keep you moving and energized.

Another clog option is the women's classic model, which comes in a snakeskin-patterned leather upper. Get this shoe in black or brown, and it's a classic clog. Get it in the purple option and the variations in color on the snakeskin pattern are eye-catching. It comes in a mild rocker outsole. This shoe also comes in a "peace" pattern, with graffiti-like patterns (heart, peace sign, etc.) and words (love, we are one, etc.) on a black patent leather upper. This shoe let's you make a statement and be comfortable while you're making it.

You can find a happy medium between plain black and purple snakeskin with the plain tooled leather upper, available in black, bone or brown. Yes it's a one-color upper, but the tooling adds some interest.

Mary Jane

If you want to get away from the clogs and into a Mary Jane, try the women's Paloma model. Yes, it's a Mary Jane with a strap and rounded toe. But it's a fun Mary Jane with a big button on the adjustable Velcro strap. It comes in bronze and black or pewter and black zebra stripes.
Want a plainer Mary Jane? Alegria makes that, too. Try the women's Feliz model, which is a black, casual flat. It is made of a plain, rich black leather and has a matching adjustable Velcro strap. The outsole is not as thick as it is in other models, offering what the company calls a "mini bottom outsole."

If you are someone who has problems with your feet - or your problem is that you spend too many hours on your feet - Alegria has shoes designed for you. And will find you don't have to give up fun and fashion in order to wear comfortable shoes. Alegria offers both.

Mike Cole is a freelance writer who writes about a variety of topics and brands such as Alegria Shoes.

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